You’ve Got This! Early Identification of Disordered Eating & How You Can Help

Presented by Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, CSSD of Alsana Treatment Center and Beth Harrell, MS, RD, CEDRD of iaedp

This training provides guidelines for identifying, assessing, and treating eating disorders for dietitians and other health providers who work as part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team. Topics include how to identify an eating disorder, signs to look for to determine if treatment for an eating disorder is needed, the collaborative roles for each member of the treatment team, lab and vital sign criteria that indicate the level of treatment necessary, when to refer to a higher level of care, and basics of nutrition counseling through the different phases of the recovery process.

Training length: 4 hours


Relias Look up code: MOCMHC-earlyED


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