It is critical to eradicate the myths about eating disorders so those affected can be properly diagnosed and receive treatment. You can help by learning the facts and speaking up.

Eating disorders involve more than food; they are one of the most fatal and complex mental illnesses.

Let’s call attention to the seriousness during:

Over 30 million people in the U.S.
alone are diagnosed, yet eating disorders remain misunderstood.


You can get involved by educating yourself and others in recognizing the signs and symptoms, and correcting the myths. Connect with the cause using #feedthefacts to show your support.

Visit today to learn how you can get involved.

With support, there’s hope. And hope fuels recovery.

Missouri Eating Disorders Council is proud to unveil its MYTHS Campaign to break the silence. Visit the Media Room to download our MYTHS campaign toolkit.


Opening the dialogue surrounding eating disorders is critical to debunking the myths attached to mental illnesses. Break the silence. Learn about the misconceptions associated with eating disorders today.

If you or someone you know is struggling with eating habits or body image, call:


Get confidential help or visit our Resources page to learn more. Eating disorders are highly treatable and recovery is possible.