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Newsletter- May Eating DisorderTraining Opportunities


Body U Online Program Available

Body U is an online guided self-help program currently used in 12 public universities across Missouri and gives students an evidence-based program, based on 25+ years of research. The program offers screening for eating disorders, depression, and anxiety and then provides tailored online interventions aimed at promoting healthy behaviors and addressing these issues. We have something to offer everyone – those who feel as though they already have healthy habits, those who are struggling with depression and anxiety, and those who feel as though their eating, exercise, and body image could use some work.

 Body U has been adapted to be offered at no cost to all residents of Missouri. To participate, your client will need to complete a short screen here: At the end of the screen, they will receive a recommendation for a program and/or information on how to contact the National Eating Disorders Association helpline, the Missouri Eating Disorders Council website, and the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. You can also send the flyer attached to this email to clients for information and link to the survey.
If you have any questions regarding Body U, please contact Marie-Laure Firebaugh at

MOEDC Online ACT Training Series- recording available


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Eating Disorders, presented by Rhonda Merwin, PhD of Duke University Medical Center. ACT is a contemporary cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps individuals let go of the struggle with difficult thoughts and feelings, so that they can author and pursue personal values. This webinar will provide an overview of the ACT model and its application to eating disorders. Participants will learn the head (theory), heart (experience) and hands (tools) of ACT via both didactic and experiential learning methods.
Click here to access training:

St. Louis has recently opened a chapter of iaedp. They are seeking to connect eating disorder professionals, provide education, and support one another in serving the eating disorder community. See for more information about joining.

iaedp is also waiving the fee for its Core Course curriculum, which is now available to all mental health professionals in the state of Missouri at no cost. If you choose to complete the Final Exam ($25) at the end of the four Core Courses, a passing score makes you eligible to receive 12 CEUS, as well as recognition an educational designation title of “Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders.” See flyer below for more information.
Olivia Laing, LMSW
Coordinator, 360 Eating Disorders Training Initiative

Missouri Eating Disorders Council

Phone: 314-362-7904