Thank you for wanting to learn more  We believe it’s important that you know that you if you have an eating disorder, you are not alone.  Millions of Americans struggle with an eating disorder, but there is hope.  Treatment is highly effective.  If you are concerned, please see a healthcare provider who is trained to treat eating disorders for a professional evaluation.

As a first step you can take this  screening tool, offered by the National Eating Disorders Association.

If you are a high school student or younger, please talk to your parents about your struggles.  Eating disorders can be treated and you can be free of it, but you have to get help.

You can also visit 18percent, a free online community based off Slack, where one can receive peer to peer support. 18percent has channels on various mental health issues, one of which is eating disorders. They offer free, 24/7 eating disorder support in a moderated environment.

If you are looking for a medical, nutritional or mental health professional, visit the Missouri Eating Disorder Treatment Finder.